Beyond the Masks:Understanding Emotional Abuse in Relationships


Beyond the Masks: Understanding Emotional Abuse in Relationships

“Offering a profound exploration of the dynamics of emotional abuse, delving into the complexities of manipulation, control, and the psychological toll on individuals along with tools to navigate and heal from such experiences.”

Topics to be covered:

Our Trainer

Ms. Anantika Tehlani

With a background in Masters and MPhil in Clinical Psychology from IHBAS, Delhi, she has worked as an RCI licensed Clinical Psychologist for over 4 years. Her work includes more than 2500 hours of therapy, encompassing psychological testing and various psychotherapies. She has conducted over 700 hours of training and workshops. Her specialization lies in Trauma-Informed approaches, adding depth to her professional profile

Program Details

Key Features:

  • Interactive discussions and/or case studies to deepen the understanding of emotional abuse

  • Practical strategies and coping mechanisms for individuals experiencing abuse
  • Activities/discussions aimed at promoting self-awareness and self-care
  • Certificate of Completion (E-copy)

9 March 2024 (Saturday)

4pm to 6pm

355/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Google Meet (Online)

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