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3-hour Masterclass on Cyber Psychology



  • Do you ever wonder how the digital revolution has altered us as humans?
  • Do you envision yourself starting a business based on cyberpsychology?
  • Does becoming an influencer help? Or can grasping the subtleties of the human mind increase your sales?

If someone promises you overnight success, they are mistaken! Nothing gets constructed in a day. To determine what will work, first grasp what it is and how it operates. Consider uncovering the secrets of how our minds traverse cyberspace—from the enticing appeal of online relationships to the dizzying highs and lows of internet addiction.

We Avec U welcomes you to a unique 3-hour Master Class with Dr. Meera Iyer, a cyberpsychologist and child & adolescent expert.

Topics to be


S. No Topic Description Duration
1 Welcome to Cyber Psychology What is Cyberspace and how is it different from the real world? Integration of Online and Offline Lives and its Impact. 30 minutes
2 What is in it for me? Scope in CyberPsychology – Jobs, Career Prospects, and Business in the field. 30 minutes
3 Online Self, Social Media and Relationships Understanding different perspectives of self in the online world, the impact of social media, and relationships formed online and their relation to cyberpsychology. 30 minutes
4 Addiction and Cyberbullying How addiction and cyberbullying are key concepts in cyberpsychology. 45 minutes
5 Ethical Considerations in Cyberpsychological Research Understanding different cyber laws. 30 minutes
6 Discussion Session + Quiz An interactive session to consolidate learning. 15 minutes

About the Facilitator:

Meera Iyer

Meera Iyer is a RCI licensed Psychologist, master trainer, and motivational speaker with Ph.D. in Cyberpsychology. She develops gamified psychometric assessments in the area of cyberpsychology. She holds regular mental health training programs and invited lectures and workshops for counsellors, teachers, students in schools and colleges, and the corporate industry.



  • Understand the causes, symptoms, and impacts of internet addiction.
  • Understand how online anonymity affects behaviour through toxic disinhibition.
  • Examine the formation and effects of digital personas on online identity.
  • Analyze the social media usage patterns and its psychological impact.
  • Address cyberbullying, online misconduct, and symptoms of internet and gaming addiction.
  • E-certification

Eligiblity Criteria

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in cyberpsychology and the effects of the internet on humans and vice versa. Ideal for the undergraduate , post graduate, phd students, school students interested in the topic, working professionals and anyone interested in cyberpsychology.

Program Details:

Date: 10th of Augest 2024

Timings: 10:30AM to 1:30PM

Fee Details: Rs 799 for Students, Rs 1199 for Working Professionals.

Mode: Online (G-Meet)