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We Avec U offer a diverse range of certification courses across various domains to enhance and strengthen skills. These carefully designed programs provide in-depth knowledge and practical expertise, ensuring participants are well-equipped to excel in their chosen fields. Each course spans three months, offering a comprehensive learning experience crafted by industry experts.

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All certificate courses are affiliated with the International Council of Professional Education and Management (ICPEM), ensuring they meet the highest standards of education and professional practice. These affiliations guarantee that the education provided is respected and valued in both academic and professional circles.

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Starting: Augest 2024

Equip participants with essential skills for writing impactful research papers and performing statistical analyses, crucial for academic and professional research.

Starting: Augest 2024

Provide insights into the psychological aspects of cancer treatment, including the emotional and mental health challenges faced by patients and their families.

Starting: September 2024

Psychometric Testing course

Certificate Course in Foundations of Psychology

Provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles and theories of psychology, forming a solid foundation for further study in the field.

Starting: September 2024

Certificate Course in Neuropsychology

Delve into the relationship between brain function and behavior, and understand how neurological disorders affect cognitive processes and behavior.

Starting: September 2024

Psycho-oncology Certification Courses

Certification in SPSS

Enable participants to master the use of SPSS software for statistical analysis, a valuable tool for researchers and professionals in various fields.

Starting: September 2024

Criminal & Forensic Psychology certification course

Certificate Course in Psychometric Testing

Teach the principles and methods of psychometric testing, including test construction, validation, and application in various settings.

Starting: September 2024

Neuropsychology Certification Courses

Certificate Course in Organizational Behavior

Help participants understand the dynamics of behavior within organizations and develop skills to improve workplace productivity and employee well-being.

Starting: September 2024

Health Psychology Health Psychology

Certificate Course in De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Counseling

Provide the knowledge and skills necessary to counsel individuals struggling with addiction and support their rehabilitation process.

Starting: September 2024

Certificate Course in Forensic & Criminal Psychology

Study the intersection of psychology and the criminal justice system, focusing on the psychological aspects of criminal behavior and legal processes.

Starting: September 2024

Psychology Coaching & Tuitions

Certificate Course in Special Education and Training

Prepare participants to work with individuals with special needs by learning about various educational strategies and support systems.

Starting: September 2024

De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Counseling

Certificate Course in Projective Techniques

Explore projective testing methods used to assess personality and uncover unconscious processes, widely used in clinical and therapeutic settings.

Starting: September 2024

Indian Psychology & Mindfulness Training

Certificate Course in Sports Psychology

Help participants understand the psychological factors affecting athletic performance and learn techniques to enhance the mental well-being of athletes.

Starting: September 2024

Certificate Course in Health Psychology

Explore the psychological factors influencing health and illness, and learn about interventions to promote physical and mental well-being.

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What People Say


Pankhuri Gupta -

My experience at We Avec U as an intern was a great one. The 30 hours internship program I completed here was very well balanced with theoretical knowledge and practical experience. I would definitely recommend this organization to anyone who is looking for an internship for clinical psychology. The supervisors are quite knowledgeable and helpful.

Shayan Shahab -

I recently completed my internship at We Avec U and let me tell you... it was fun! You won't ever feel like you are in a very formal setting. The teachers/facilitators at We Avec are very kind and friendly & the overall environment around there is quite euphoric! Highly recommended if you are someone who enjoys the concept of knowledge+fun!

Pari Khanduri -

I did a 30 hours offline volunteer ship at We Avec U and it was a great experience. The supervisors were great and helpful while being flexible with the timings also. I was able to learn a lot as well as improved my skills. It was overall a fun and a learning experience.