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Certificate Course in Research Paper Writing & Statistical Analysis

About the Course:

This course equips you with a robust foundation in statistical analysis and research paper writing, preparing you to excel professionally. It offers intensive instruction in both theoretical concepts and practical applications of statistics, fostering a problem-solving mindset essential for success. Whether you are an undergraduate developing your research and statistical skills, a graduate striving for scholarly excellence, an early-career researcher enhancing your communication and analytical abilities, or a seasoned professional in academia or industry aiming to publish impactful research, our courses are tailored to meet your goals. Educators, non-profit staff, and individuals pursuing careers in public policy, healthcare, or social sciences also benefit from our practical insights and expert guidance in research paper writing and statistical analysis.


  • Class 12th Pass students or equivalent
  • Undergraduate students
  • post-graduate students
  • early career researchers and academicians
  • Industry professionals & those working in CSR
  • Educators or Lecturers
  • Professionals working in NGO
  • Any individual interested in understanding of research paper writing and statistical analysis

Highlights of the course / Learning Outcomes:

  1. Strong Foundation in Statistical Analysis and Advanced Research Paper Writing Skills.
  2. Intensive instruction in both theoretical concepts and practical applications of statistics.
  3. Techniques to enhance clarity, structure, and impact of research papers.
  4. Exposure to fundamental ideas and techniques fostering critical thinking and problem-solving.
  5. Tailored for undergraduates, graduates, early-career researchers, and seasoned professionals.
  6. Preparation for excelling in academic, industry, or public policy settings.
  7. Practical insights and expert mentoring in research paper writing and statistical analysis.
  8. Continuous evaluation via quizzes and practical assignments.
  9. Globally verified certificate from We Avec U and ICPEM.
  10. Student-friendly timings with flexible scheduling options.
  11. Opportunity to submit and potentially publish papers in peer-reviewed journals, enhancing academic and professional credentials.

Key Highlights:

  • Definitive understanding of how to write a research paper.
  • Clearance of all basic and foundational concepts
  • Understanding where and how to search of research gaps
  • Learning how to network to publication agencies to publish papers
  • Understanding of how to write the literature review
  • Strong foundation of how to write the discussion and conclusion
  • How to systematically analyse the data for the research paper

Fee Details:

  • Individual Registration: Rs. 4560/- Rs. 3800/- (course fee) + Rs 2000 (Optional, ICPEM certification)
  • Group of 2 or more Registration: Rs. 3960/- Rs. 3300/- (Course fee) + Rs 2000 (Optional, ICPEM certification)

Class Details:


Gain an introduction to the fundamentals of research paper writing, including the structure and components of a research paper. Understand how to identify research gaps and formulate research questions that drive meaningful investigation.
Learn essential techniques for conducting a comprehensive review of literature. Explore methods to effectively synthesize existing research to provide context and support for your own study.
Understand the process of selecting appropriate research methodologies based on the nature of your research questions and objectives. Learn how to articulate the methodology section of your research paper to clearly describe research design, data collection methods, and analytical approaches.
Acquire skills in performing statistical analyses on pre-collected data. Learn to apply appropriate statistical techniques such as SPSS and other techniques to analyze data, interpret results, and draw valid conclusions.
Explore strategies for effectively interpreting research findings and presenting them in the discussion section of your research paper. Learn how to craft insightful conclusions that reflect the significance and implications of your study.
Navigate the publication process by understanding the different types of academic publications and how to select the most suitable journal for your research. Gain insights into the peer-review process, including strategies for responding to reviewer comments and enhancing the quality and impact of your manuscript.

Meet the Facilitator

Dr. Sundeep Katevarapu

Dr. Sundeep Katevarapu is a distinguished figure in psychology, specializing in clinical, neuro, and forensic domains with over a decade of experience. He holds advanced degrees including Masters in Cognitive Science, Neuropsychology, Health Psychology, Clinical & Counseling Psychology, Neuro Forensic and Criminal Investigation, an International MBA in Hospital Administration, and dual doctoral degrees (PhD and PsyD) in Neuro Forensic Psychology.

As Founder & Chief Managing Director of We Avec U Group of Companies, he leads organizational activities with precision, emphasizing mental health enhancement at individual and community levels. Board-certified as a Behavior Analyst and Criminal Investigator, Dr. Katevarapu applies his expertise in collaboration with renowned hospitals. He is also dedicated to mentoring students, sharing knowledge, and promoting mental health awareness through international conferences and research contributions.

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Final Evaluation and Certification process

The final evaluation will be based on a final exam (50% weightage) and self-work and participation in classes (30% self-work + 20% participation).

It is mandatory for students to have at least 80% attendance in the course to be eligible for receiving the certification.

After completing the course, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Students who opt for the optional ICPEM certification (for an additional 2000 INR) will receive that certification along with the certification from We Avec U.

Students enrolling only for the course (3800 INR) will receive the Certificate of Completion from We Avec U.

The payment for the ICPEM certification can be made anytime until the completion of the course.