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Best supervision & mentorship program in Noida

Supervision & Mentorship Program

Guided Growth for your Professional Journey

Building a successful career in psychology requires more than just knowledge and expertise. It also requires the right support and training to ensure that you can navigate the complex challenges of the field. That’s why our program focuses on providing ongoing mentorship and guidance to help you succeed. With our support, you can gain the experience and confidence you need to thrive in your career and make a meaningful impact on the lives of your clients.

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Unlock your full potential and take your career to the next level with our comprehensive training, support, and professional development programs. Maximize your experience and explore new opportunities today.


Students pursuing/completed there BA/MA/MSc/PG diploma in Psychology/Mental Health Professionals

Mode Of Conduction

Offline, Online (Google Meet) & Hybrid


Level 1 [Basic] 2 months
Level 2 [Advanced] 4 months

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Gain valuable knowledge and practical skills in our courses, including in-depth understanding of various subjects and application of theories in real-life scenarios