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ICIAHP-23 Conference

The International Conference on Sociology, Economics, Political, and Psychological Studies delves into the intricate dimensions of the 21st-century Indian diaspora. Through sociology, economics, political science, psychology, and literary studies, scholars explore a wide array of topics including social challenges, economic policies, psychological well-being, and cultural identity. This interdisciplinary dialogue fosters collaboration among experts, researchers, and professionals, aiming to deepen our understanding of the multifaceted dynamics within the Indian diaspora. ICSEP 2024 promises a comprehensive exploration, driving forward insights into this complex subject matter. 

Galgotias University Conference 2024

The 8th International Conference of Indian  Academy of Health Psychology (ICIAHP 2023) gathers leading experts, researchers, and professionals to exchange insights and explore innovations in mental and physical well-being. Featuring workshops on trauma release, hypnotherapy basics, mindfulness-based CBT, and suicide prevention, ICIAHP offers a diverse learning experience. Distinguished speakers from national and international universities attended the conference. Networking opportunities foster collaboration among like-minded individuals. Cutting-edge research presentations and thought-provoking panel discussions tackle current challenges in mental health. The conference caters to health psychology professionals, researchers, educators, and scholars. ICIAHP 2023 stands out for its comprehensive program, renowned speakers, and ample networking, providing a platform for holistic learning and collaboration

Virtual Conference 2024

Building a successful career in psychology requires more than just knowledge and expertise. With our guidance, psychology students learn the ins and outs of working in the field and gain the skills necessary to thrive in their future careers.