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Professional & Career Guidance 

Chart Your Path To A Fulfilling Career With Our Expert Guidance & Support

Amidst the abundance of career-related inquiries, it’s essential to approach them systematically. Our Professional Career Guidance Consultancy helps you obtain the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to identify and decide on the perfect career path.

Every year, numerous students struggle to make informed decisions about their future careers. To address this challenge, WE AVEC U offers a career guidance consultancy program for individuals in class 11th and 12th, as well as those pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Our goal is to help you make the best career decisions and avoid the pitfalls of committing to the wrong career paths.

We offer comprehensive career planning, explore current options, and help you find your passion – whether it’s changing your career or within your current industry. We cater to all your needs to take you to new heights.


Services for Corporate / Institutions

Benefits for Choosing Us

Experience the Advantage of Our Expertise

Choose us for expert career guidance, in-depth information on admission procedures and international college applications, and exclusive neuroscience internships for added experience

Panel of Experts

Our panel of experts first talks to you to understand your preferences and interests, and then administers a range of interest and aptitude tests to get to know you better.

Data Analysis

Our team then analyzes the data collected from the tests to determine your career preferences and inclinations

Certified Professionals

Our certified professionals then provide one-on-one counseling to guide you towards making informed decisions about your future career.


We offer exciting internship opportunities in the field of Psychology, Behavioural Science and Neuroscience to aspiring candidates.

Guidance & Assistance

For students interested in studying abroad, we also provide guidance and assistance on how to apply to international colleges.

In-depth Knowledge

Our experts offer in-depth knowledge about the courses and career opportunities available in the field of psychology and cognitive sciences.

Admission Procedures

We provide detailed information about the entrance exams and admission procedures for various colleges across India.

Assist in Planning

Our professionals not only communicate the results, but also assist you in step-by-step planning of your future endeavors based on your insights and test results.


Our tests reveal your actual interests and aptitude, helping you choose the right path for yourself.


Say Goodbye to Confusion and Hello to Clarity with Our Expert Career Guidance Services!