Certificate Course Basis of in transactional Analysis

To understand the Central Theories & Concepts of Transactional Analysis and therapeutic changes, how can structural and functional Ego state analysis approached

Understanding how to Identify and Work With Ego-Games and how to Help People Change Their Life Script.


Mr. Utkarsh Khurana


Bachelor’s and Master’s students from all Behavioural Science & Allied Sciences

Learning Outcomes:

understanding of the theories, concepts and therapeutic strategies associated with this insightful model of human psychology, communication and behavior.

Classes Conduction:

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  • Module 1: Introduction to Transactional Analysis

    Overview of Transactional Analysis (TA); Historical background and key concepts; The three ego states: Parent, Adult, and Child; Transactions and communication styles in TA

  • Module 2: Ego States and Transactional Analysis

    In-depth exploration of the Parent ego state; Understanding the Adult ego state and rational thinking; The Child ego state and emotions in TA; Transactional analysis of everyday interactions

  • Module 3: Life Scripts and Life Positions

    Life scripts: understanding early decisions and patterns; Life positions: “I’m OK, You’re OK” and other positions; Redefining life scripts and developing autonomy; Applying TA concepts to personal growth and relationships

  • Module 4: Strokes and Games

    Strokes: recognition and importance of positive and negative strokes; Games in TA: understanding psychological games; Breaking free from destructive games and creating healthier interactions; Applying stroke and game analysis in practical situations

  • Module-5 : Transactions and Communication Topics covered:

    Analyzing transactional patterns in communication;  Complementary, crossed, and ulterior transactions; Effective communication using TA principles; Resolving conflicts and improving relationships through transactional analysis

  • Module-6 : Ego States in Relationships Topics covered:

    TA in intimate relationships: understanding dynamics and patterns;  Applying TA concepts to family relationships; Parenting and child development from a transactional analysis perspective;  Enhancing relationship dynamics through ego state awareness

  • Module-7 : Personal Growth and Emotional Well-being Topics covered:

    Building resilience and emotional intelligence with TA:  Self-care and self-awareness through ego state work: Identifying and challenging limiting beliefs; Applying TA principles for personal growth and emotional well-being

  • Module-8 : Applying Transactional Analysis in Professional Contexts Topics covered:

    Transactional analysis in counseling and therapy; TA in coaching and leadership development; Applying TA in organizational settings and team dynamics; Ethical considerations in using transactional analysis professionally


Holistic approach towards psychological and educational needs

Internationally & Nationally accredited Courses

Different types and modalities of therapies.

Experienced and Qualified Facilitators and Staff

Hands-on Practical Exposure with One to One Emphasis

Queer affirmative and trauma informed psychologists


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