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About Certification Courses

Elevate Your Expertise with Our Certified Courses

We hold accreditations and affiliations with esteemed international and national bodies including Society For Neuroscience, Brit Qualis, NCDA BPS, AATA, APA, Association For Psychological Science, ICPEM, ISO, UNESCO-CID, WFMH, MSME, and IAOTH. 

Our objective is to enhance the quality of life of individuals by enabling them to realize their full potential. Our certification courses provide a broad spectrum of specializations ranging from Counseling and Psychotherapies to specific topics such as Transactional Analysis and Sports Psychology. Our emphasis is on skill development and experiential learning rather than just education.

Educational Offerings

Discover Our Curriculum Options for Your Career Goals

Our educational offerings encompass a wide range of courses and certifications in fields like psychology, counselling, and psychotherapy, with an emphasis on experiential learning and skill development.

Areas of Study

Certificate Courses

Our short-term courses range from 3 to 5 months, and focus on developing specific skills and enhancing learning.

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Research Paper Writing & Statistical Analysis course

Research Paper Writing & Statistical Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of statistical analysis and its applications in research. It incorporates real-world scenarios and motivates students to use statistics in their research to derive meaningful conclusions.

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Foundation of Psychology

This course provides an introduction to the scientific method of studying human behavior, emotions, and cognition, covering topics such as perception, personality, learning, development, and psychopathology.

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Psychometric Testing course

Psychometric Testing

This course on psychometric testing will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various psychometric tests and their purpose in psychology. It will equip professionals with the skills to use these tests for assessments and diagnosis.

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This course aims to equip participants with fundamental knowledge of the program, utilize it in a socio-economic setting and to explore corporate data. The course will cover the basics of the program, its applications, and its relevance in various settings.

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Psycho-oncology Certification Courses


This course is particularly advantageous for individuals in related healthcare fields such as social work, nursing, medicine, and psychology, who have an interest in psycho-oncology.


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Criminal & Forensic Psychology certification course

Criminal & Forensic Psychology

This online course in forensic psychology will provide you with knowledge of forensic psychological procedures, investigation techniques, theories of crime, and offender character traits


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Neuropsychology Certification Courses


This course will enable you to enhance your understanding of how neurobiological processes impact an individual’s behavior, personality, and mental processes, as well as the potential consequences of brain damage.

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Health Psychology Health Psychology

Health Psychology

The field of health psychology examines the psychological and behavioural aspects of health, illness, and healthcare, investigating how cultural, behavioural, and psychological factors contribute to physical health and disease.

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Organizational Behaviour

Organizational behavior examines individuals’ behavior in organizations and encompasses areas such as employee motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, and team development, aiding organizations in improving their efficiency.

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Psychology Coaching & Tuitions

Special Education and Training

Special Education provides limited education for students with disabilities, including learning disabilities, communication problems, emotional and behavioral issues, and physical and developmental disabilities.

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De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Counseling

De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Counseling

This course is designed for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of de-addiction and rehabilitation counseling in a professional context.


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Indian Psychology & Mindfulness Training

Indian Psychology & Mindfulness Training

This certification course provides an overview of the history and evolution of Indian psychology, including mindfulness and its application in different therapies, as well as mindfulness training.


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Sports Psychology Certification Courses

Sports Psychology

Sport psychology utilizes psychological expertise to improve athlete performance, well-being, and the social and developmental aspects of sports participation. The discipline also addresses systemic issues associated with sports organizations.

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Projective Techniques Projective Techniques

Projective Techniques

The objective of this course is to introduce students to significant techniques and to enhance their understanding of a few  techniques in clinical and related settings. It will cover test administration, scoring, interpretation, and report writing.

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Transactional Analysis Certification Courses

Transactional Analysis

Learn Transactional Analysis theory and techniques, including ego state analysis, game analysis, and life script analysis, to help individuals create positive changes in their lives.


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Areas of Study

Practitioner Courses

Courses spanning over 6 to 7 months that encompass theoretical as well as experiential learning.

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Indian Psychology & Mindfulness Training

Counseling & Psychotherapies

This comprehensive course on psychotherapy and counseling aims to provide students with a foundational understanding of mental health concerns, crisis management strategies for clients, and the necessary skills to pursue a career as a psychotherapist.

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Counselling Services

Child Psychology

The observation of children’s tremendous growth and development is highly intriguing. This course will provide an introduction to the field of child psychology, exploring important issues that contribute to our understanding of childhood.


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De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Counseling

Career Guidance Counselling

The comprehensive course on career guidance and counseling provides students with essential knowledge about selecting the right career paths, guiding individuals in crisis, and becoming a career guidance expert.

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Areas of Study

Diploma Courses

Our long-term certificate courses spanning 7 to 12 months offer comprehensive field knowledge, incorporating assessments, group projects, research work, and more.

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Geriatric Psychology

This course aims to enhance your understanding of the biological and psychological factors involved in normal aging, the psychological impact of acute and chronic physical illnesses, and the biological and psychosocial aspects of primary psychiatric disorders in older individuals.

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Positive Psychology

The course aims to provide an introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of positive psychology, with an emphasis on their use in counseling contexts.


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