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Clinical Hypnosis
Level 1 Workshop



We Avec U is announcing an Extensive Hands-on Training Workshop on Clinical Hypnosis Level 1. This workshop is designed for mental health professionals and students who want to dive into the world of hypnotherapy and discover the art and science behind this technique.

Topics to be Covered:

  • Brief history of hypnosis
  • Types of Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis as state, technique & method.
  • Suggestibility/ Hypnotizability
  • Different forms of Hypnotherapy.
  • Imagination games/ suggestibility tests
  • Hypnotic induction methods (Demonstration)
  • Traditional, speed & Instant (Induction practice sessions)
  • Hypnotherapy protocol
  • Ego strengthening & reprogramming

About the Facilitator

Dr Srikanth Goggi, MPhil (CP), PhD (Psy)

Clinical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist.
25 yrs of teaching & practice experience in Hypnotherapy.

Members Of:

  • American society of clinical hypnosis
  • National federation of neuro linguistic programming.
  • International Society of Hypnosis
  • American psychological association.

Highlights / Key Takeaways:

  • History & Types of Hypnosis
  • State, technique & method of hypnosis
  • Different forms of hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotic Induction Methods (Demonstration)
  • Hypnotherapy protocol
  • Ego strengthening & reprogramming
  • Certificate of Participation & LOR
  • Lunch and Snacks would be provided

Program Details

Dates: 22 & 23 June 2024

10:00AM to 06:00PM

Mode: Offline

Venue: 2305, 23rd Floor, Supertech E-Square, Sector 96, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201303

Prices after 30 May 2024: ₹7500/- only
Early Bird Offer till 30 May 2024: ₹6500/- only


This program is designed for aspiring psychologists, including:
  • Students pursuing psychology at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD level.
  • Recent psychology graduates seeking practical experience.
  • Individuals considering a career in psychology and looking to explore the field.
  • Practicing mental health professionals.

How to Register:

Fill the registration form
Wait for a confirmation and further details from We Avec U.
Attend the workshop.

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