Certificate Course in Foundations of Psychology

The course provides a foundational clarity towards psychology and the very relevant and highly used concepts of psychology. Starting from scratch to understanding the multidisciplinary approach of psychology, the course acts as wonderful start to your bright career psychology

The course is a skill enhancement course which does not provide any kind of license.



Students of classes 9, 10, 11, and 12 who are interested in the field of psychology or are pursuing psychology

Learning Outcomes:

1. Continuous Evaluation via Quizzes, Practical Work

2. Globally Verified Certificate from We Avec U & Accredited bodies

3. Student-Friendly Timings

4. One year access to resource material

5. Session Recording available for 1 year

Classes Conduction:

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  • Module 1: What is Psychology?
    • Definition and goals of Psychology, Psychology as a science
    • Historical foundations of Psychology, Contemporary perspectives in psychology;
    • Methods of research, Ethics in psychological research.
  • Module 2: The Biology of Mind
    • Biology, behaviour, and the mind; Neural communication and neurotransmitters; the nervous system:
    • Peripheral and Central systems; the endocrine system and its influence on behaviour,brain structures and functions


  • Module 3: Learning
    • Learning – Definitions; Classical conditioning – experiments, extinction, spontaneous recovery, generalization, discrimination, higher order conditioning;
    • Operant conditioning – Thorndike’s law of effect, basics of operant conditioning, Reinforcement and Punishment,
    • Schedules of reinforcement;
    • Cognitive learning: Latent learning, Observational learning, and Insight learning.
  • Module 4: Thinking, Language and Intelligence
    • Cognitive processes: concepts and problem-solving; Decision making and judgment biases;
    • Language structure, development, and its relation to thought;
    • The nature of intelligence and its measurement; Assessing intelligence: tests and principles
  • Module 5: Motivation and Emotion
    • Motivation– Meaning, Approaches: instinct, drive reduction, arousal, incentive, cognitive, humanistic;
    • Types of motivation – physiological Motivation (Hunger, Thirst, Sex) and psychological motivation (Achievement, Affiliation and Power)
    • Emotion: Meaning, Physiological basis of emotions;
    • Theories – James-Lange Theory, Cannon-Bard theory, Cognitive theory;
    • Emotional expression, facial feedback hypothesis, facial-affect programme.
  • Module 6: Theories of Personality
    • Psychodynamic theories: Freud and neo-Freudians; Humanistic theories: Maslow and Rogers;
    • Social-cognitive theories and personal control
    • Exploring the self and self-esteem
  • Module 7: Personality
    • Concepts and nature of Individual differences; Nature vs. nurture;
    • Gender Difference in cognitive processes and social behaviour;
    • Personality – Definition, Contemporary theories of personality; Tests of Personality;


Holistic approach towards psychological and educational needs

Internationally & Nationally accredited Courses

Different types and modalities of therapies.

Experienced and Qualified Facilitators and Staff

Hands-on Practical Exposure with One to One Emphasis

Queer affirmative and trauma informed psychologists


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