Practitioner Certificate Course in Child Psychology

Children are undergoing tremendous growth and development, thus observing these transformations is incredibly interesting. You will learn about the field of child psychology and some of the important issues that inform our understanding of childhood. These concerns include the following: “What factors affect children’s development?” and “How do psychologists examine the physical and mental changes that take place in childhood?”  You will also learn more about how psychologists interact with young children in a variety of applicable contexts. 




Bachelor’s and Master’s students from all Behavioural Science, Medical and Nursing Field

Learning Outcomes:

It will help in understanding the psychology of children in detail.

It ensures boosting the resume.

It gives you hands-on training which is a benefit when applying for a job.

It opens gates for different opportunities for you related to the counselling field: clinical setting/ Testing/ Taking up clients/ Counseling setting.


Classes Conduction:

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  • Module 1 Introduction to Child Psychology

    Overview on the concept of child psychology

    • What is child psychology?
    • Importance of Child Psychology/Scope
    • Applications of Child Psychology
    • Roles of a Child Psychologist
  • Module 2 Stages of Human Cycle

    To understand the different stages in the human cycle

    • Pre-Natal Development and Birth
    • Infancy and Early Childhood
    • Middle Childhood
    • Adolescence
    • Dynamics of Youth
  • Module 3 Theories

    Understanding the different theories involved in child psychology

    • The ABC Model of Behaviour
    • Freud’s Psycho-sexual Theory
    • Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory
    • Piaget’s Theory
    • Vygotsky’s Theory
  • Module 4 Development

    To know about the various developmental stages in children

    • Brain and Motor Development
    • Intellectual Development
    • Perceptual & Cognitive Development
    • Social Development (till pre-adult)
  • Module 5 Assessments for Children

    Overview of the different assessments used in child psychology

    • MMSE
    • Child case history taking
  • Module 6 Neurological Assessments

    Overview on the concepts of neurological assessment in children

    Physical test

    • MSE
    • Sensory examination
    • Reflex observation
    • Motor responses
  • Module 7 Childhood Neurological Disorders

    Understanding the various neurological disorders observed in children 

    Intellectual Disability

    • ADHD
    • Specific Learning Disorder
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
    • Childhood Depression & Anxiety Disorders
  • Module 8 Therapies for Children

    Different types of therapies which are used with children 

    • Behavior Modification Therapy
    • Play Therapy


Holistic approach towards psychological and educational needs

Internationally & Nationally accredited Courses

Different types and modalities of therapies.

Experienced and Qualified Facilitators and Staff

Hands-on Practical Exposure with One to One Emphasis

Queer affirmative and trauma informed psychologists


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