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Semi Projective Personality Tests



Semi Projective Personality Tests

Semi-projective tests are characterized by their free-flowing, partly structured nature. They are quick and easy to administer, making them versatile tools for assessing a wide range of psychological constructs.

Administration, Scoring & Interpretation of:

Our Trainer

Ms. Anantika Tehlani

Ms. Anantika Tehlani holds a specialization in Clinical Psychology, earning both a Masters and MPhil from IHBAS, Delhi. With over 4 years of experience as an RCI licensed Clinical Psychologist, she has conducted more than 2500 hours of therapeutic sessions. Her expertise extends to psychological testing and various psychotherapies.

Engaging actively in academia for the past 2 years, Ms. Tehlani has facilitated over 700 hours of training and workshops nationwide for students and educators. Holding national certifications with a focus on Trauma Informed approaches, she also served as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology at SGT University. In this role, her responsibilities included supervising MPhil and PDCP trainees while teaching classes for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. The subjects covered encompass Personality Psychology, Psychotherapeutic interventions, Qualitative research methods, Cognitive Psychology, and Clinical Psychology.

Program Details

Key Features:

  • Engaging live demonstration of the assessments
  • Receive exclusive handouts containing resource material from both the manual and supplementary sources
  • Benefit from guided evaluation and analysis throughout the process
    Discover hidden facets of your personality through the unveiling of unknown aspects
  • Obtain a Certificate of Completion in electronic format (e-copy)
    Experience monitored self-administration of the tests

28th Jan 2024 (Sunday)

10am to 2:30pm

Rs. ₹1399 Valid till 19th Jan

We Avec U Clinic (Sec 96, Noida)

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