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Social Work & Community Outreach Membership Program

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Social Work & Community Outreach Membership Program

Reach the Unreached!

We Avec U Trust is a NGO founded in 2015 with registration number: 1993 Regd. Govt. of Delhi. Our primary goal is to destigmatize mental illness in India and to reach the unreached. Since mental health is important for everyone, regardless of their background, We Avec U is trying to provide free psychological treatments to everyone who needs them. Additionally, we collaborate with NGOs from all over the country and uphold our relationships with them by providing the general public with basic mental healthcare.

Our Collaborations

Our Achievements

  • Collaboration with multiple NGOs all across Delhi/NCR to meet our goal.
  • More than 400 volunteers in past projects who have joined and helped us make this world a better place through online and offline modes.
  • Free Psychometric Career Testing for 200+ students.
  • Free Mental Health services for Economically Backward Sections.
  • Worked with over 200 Juveniles at Juvenile Justice Board, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Giving our support to LGBTQ Community by actively working with them.
  • Assisting the female community who has previously been through traumatic experiences.
  • Giving a helping hand to youth by volunteering at Eastsons Foundation.

Program Details


  • Complete your required number of hours as per your convenience within a year!
  • The program will be conducted two weeks alternatively in a month.
  • Certificate of Social Work from Reg. Organization with Govt. Of Delhi and India.
  • Prior to entering the field, receive training and preparation.
  • Direct interaction with diverse group of people, eg. geriatric, underprivileged children, LGBTQ etc.




30 hours (min) - 80 Hours (max)

Membership Payment

Rs ₹1500/-

Rehabilitation Homes, Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Schools for Underprivileged Children, Human Trafficking Prevention Organization, & Domestic Violence Prevention Organization

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