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Summer Camp Exploring Emotions through Creativity


We Avec U is thrilled to present a Summer Camp for the very first time designed exclusively for school going children. This camp aims to create a stimulating and inclusive environment where each child can express themselves through art, emphasizing their unique abilities and creativity.

About The Facilitator:

Ms. Jagriti Puri

Ms. Jagriti Puri, Counseling Psychologist and Research Coordinator at We Avec U, will facilitate this workshop. As a Certified Practitioner in Child Psychology, she possesses a deep understanding of the field and hands-on experience in working with children from diverse backgrounds. Her expertise ensures a compassionate and skillful approach to nurturing the children’s strengths and fostering a positive artistic journey.


  1. Unlock emotional intelligence and self-discovery through engaging art projects
  2. Identify and creatively express a range of emotions through painting, drawing, and sculpting
  3. Channel emotions positively via movement, dance, and mindfulness practices
  4. Build empathy by collaborating on group art pieces and understanding others’ perspectives
  5. Equip with coping tools like breathwork and art therapy for managing emotions effectively
  6. Spark creativity, imagination, and problem-solving through diverse artistic mediums
  7. Strengthen teamwork, communication, and social bonds through interactive group activities
  8. Boost self-confidence by providing a supportive space for free self-expression  
  9. Instill a lifelong love for learning by introducing new skills and experiences
  10. Discover the power of mindfulness and its real-life applications for young minds
  11. Create a nurturing environment for children to explore their emotions and personal growth

Program Details

Batch 1: May 27 - May 31, 2024/ Batch 2: June 24 - June 28, 2024

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Monday to Friday) Children of ages 6 to 15 years

Rs 2000/- per individual (May/June batch) (10% sibling discount)

We Avec U, 2305, 23rd Floor, Supertech E Square, Sector-96, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201303


Workshop Flow:

Day 1: Understanding Emotions

  • Ice-breaker activities to introduce the theme and build rapport
  • Emotion identification exercises through facial expressions and body language
  • Painting and drawing activities to represent different emotions

Day 2: Expressing Emotions

  • Dance and movement exercises to explore emotional expression through body movements
  • Creative writing prompts to describe emotions and feelings
  • Sculpting emotions using clay or other moldable materials

Day 3: Managing Emotions

  • Mindfulness activities, such as breathing exercises and guided meditations
  • Yoga and gentle stretching to promote relaxation and emotional regulation
  • Mandala coloring and zentangle art for stress relief and focus

Day 4: Empathy and Collaboration

  • Team-building exercises to foster empathy and understanding of others’ emotions
  • Collaborative art projects, such as group murals or collages, to encourage teamwork and cooperation
  • Sharing and discussing each other’s artworks and the emotions they represent

Day 5: Celebration and Reflection

  • Reflection activities to discuss the week’s learnings and personal growth
  • Talent showcase or exhibition of the kids’ artworks and creative expressions
  • Closing ceremony and certificate distribution, acknowledging each child’s efforts and achievements

Materials And Activities:

  1. Art supplies (acrylic paints, watercolors, brushes, canvases, colored pencils, markers, crayons)
  2. Drawing materials (sketchbooks, drawing paper, charcoal pencils, pastels)
  3. Writing materials (journals, pens, colored pencils)
  4. Music player and age-appropriate music selections
  5. Yoga mats or towels
  6. Art therapy tools (mandalas, zentangle patterns)
  7. Craft supplies (scissors, glue, tape, construction paper, tissue paper, pompoms)
  8. Multimedia materials (magazines, newspapers, fabric, buttons, beads)

Give your child the ultimate summer experience with our exclusive summer camp. This transformative program blends art, movement, and mindfulness to cater to all round emotional development. Watch their confidence soar in our supportive environment as they celebrate unique talents. By the end, they’ll emerge resilient, creative, and self-aware, equipped to navigate life’s challenges. Register today for this unique yet fun experience!