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Best training cum internship in Noida

Training cum Internship

Upgrade Your Career With Our Practical Training Cum Internship Program

Our Internship and Training Programs provide invaluable practical experience for students and enthusiasts in various domains of psychology. Our supervised, hands-on approach helps them apply theoretical knowledge into practice and better serve their patients after earning a degree. With our guidance, psychology students learn the ins and outs of working in the field and gain the skills necessary to thrive in their future careers.

Catered to the students

from the Universities like:

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Training Program

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Expert Professionals

No. of Hours

30 Hours to
240 hours

Start Date

Batch 24 - 5th & 20th May 2024
Batch 25 - 1st & 23rd June 2024


Offline, Online (Google Meet)
& Hybrid

Meet Our


Dr. Sundeep Katevarapu

Founder & CMD, We Avec U Group of Companies
With expertise in Forensic & Criminal Psychology
and Neuropsychology

Dr. Prasuna Shanmukha
Priya Lanka

Co-Founder & CEO, We Avec U Group of Companies
With expertise in Neuroscience &

Ms. Anantika Tehlani

In-House RCI Reg. Clinical
Psychologist We Avec U

Ms. Anwesha Choudhury

Project Coordinator With expertise in Clinical
Psychology and Supervisor at Training Centre's

Ms. Poonam Singla

In-house Counselling Psychologist With
expertise in Counselling Psychology

Ms. Monica Abbott

Junior Counselling Psychologist With expertise
in Counselling Psychology and Supervisor
at Training Centre's

Ms. Aankur Pradhan

Research Manager & Counselling

Field Offered

Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Neuro & Cognitive Psychology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Health & Social Psychology

Criminal & Forensic Psychology

Expressive Art Therapy


What will you gain out of this

Expert-Guided Research Excellence:

Get personalized guidance from expert mentors for your research or dissertation

Performance Driven Achievements:

Trainees are graded based on their performance.

“Best Trainee” title awarded to Top 3 Performers:

Additional benefits of possible employability opportunity at We Avec U / its collaborated organizations

Globally Verifiable E-Certificate:

Showcase your accomplishments on any global platform (Soft copy will be provided, hard copy will be provided on request).

Expert Mentor & Government Collaborations:

Bridge theory and application, gaining invaluable experience in real-world settings under expert supervision.

Complimentary Annual Access to Cutting-Edge Resources:

Stay at the forefront of your field and your academic and research pursuits.

Convenient, Student-Centric Timings:

(Sessions post college classes & On field / Online training on Weekends)

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Years Experience

Eligiblity Criteria

This program is designed for aspiring psychologists, including:

  • Students pursuing psychology at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.
  • Students of Class 11 and 12 who are keen to take up the field of psychology.
  • Recent psychology graduates seeking practical experience.
  • Individuals considering a career in psychology and looking to explore the field.

How to


Download the Brochure
Fill the registration form
Wait for a confirmation from We Avec U
Submission of all documents pertaining
to the internship.
Attend Orientation

How will you

Gain Practical Exposure?

Case Studies and Role-Playing Exercises:

Students will be presented with real-world case studies that reflect the kinds of challenges mental health professionals face. They will analyze these cases, develop intervention plans, and discuss them with experienced supervisors. The program will also include role-playing exercises that allow students to practice their clinical skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Shadowing and Observation:

Students will have the opportunity to shadow experienced psychologists as they work with clients. This will allow students to see firsthand how psychological principles are applied in a clinical setting. They can observe how therapists interact with clients, build rapport, and develop treatment plans.



Pankhuri Gupta -

My experience at We Avec U as an intern was a great one. The 30 hours internship program I completed here was very well balanced with theoretical knowledge and practical experience. I would definitely recommend this organization to anyone who is looking for an internship for clinical psychology. The supervisors are quite knowledgeable and helpful.

Shayan Shahab -

I recently completed my internship at We Avec U and let me tell you... it was fun! You won't ever feel like you are in a very formal setting. The teachers/facilitators at We Avec are very kind and friendly & the overall environment around there is quite euphoric! Highly recommended if you are someone who enjoys the concept of knowledge+fun!

Pari Khanduri -

I did a 30 hours offline volunteer ship at We Avec U and it was a great experience. The supervisors were great and helpful while being flexible with the timings also. I was able to learn a lot as well as improved my skills. It was overall a fun and a learning experience.